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Consider making a tax-deductible donation! In regular years with live concerts, donations of $100 or more come with a free 10-use concert punch card ($65.00 is deductible because of $35 value of card)

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Butterbraid Fundraiser

Please note, online payments for fundraising items are not made through our Paypal account but rather through the fundraiser's online store account (which includes a single $0.99 online store fee, paid to the fundraiser company, which is added at the end of the entire order (regardless of number of products) CLICK LOGO to order:


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$40 for Pd. 2 Mixed Chorus

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$95 for Pd. 4 Chamber Choir

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PCHS Tervis Water Bottles

Though sold through the choral boosters (with profits benefitting the choral program), these high-quality water bottles display a simple "Panther Creek HS: Home of the Catamounts" message with the school logo. Consider purchasing one for either hot or cold beverages! Bottles can be picked up in the chorus room during school hours, or after by appointment.

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Concert Punch Card

A 10 ticket pass card that saves both money and time! Remember-- a $100 donation to our program grants a FREE punch card!


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